We need to lighten up   the stress on our planet!

Please excuse me, The Crazy Looking Up Doc, for trying to make you laugh about a very serious topic!

YOU and most of Our children could be  suffering from something much more dangerous than what the world

calls text/tech neck.  Our constant head down, forward postures, are causing central nervous system pressure to all our organs, systems, cells, thoughts and emotions. We are slowly suffocating , malfunctioning and disempowering ourselves and our children by looking down at life, and down at technology. Please laugh and breathe! Please stop holding dangerous postures that cut off your ability to breathe deeply and let’s show all the children of our world, how to live healthy peaceful lives. Please look up and Breathe with life and technology, and Pass this important information on.

Your healthy, loving peaceful energy is needed on the planet. Matter of fact, after you give yourself and this world a better you, by deciding to look up and breathe, go outside and send your loving dancing breaths  into the the winds of the universe.

We are one breath! Choose to breathe more love, health and peace into our world.

Consider ordering Wink Kissed a fantasy that teaches about  world peace and health with this very vital information.  Support the Looking Up movement and help educate this world with your money or your talents. Please share and like this post and join our face book group.  Love is the highest power on this planet. Join us.