1466275_10152090980049919_554680194_nCell phone Fitness!Multi- tasking while on the phone is fun. Combine your yoga and squats with holding the heavy device to eye level!
Yes, instead of spending your day with your head down, compressing valuable nerves, degenerating your spine, and blocking normal blood flow and oxygen, choose PHONE FITNESS!
Choosing Phone Fitness means holding it up to eye level like you would if you were combing your hair, drinking a bottle of water or applying makeup.
What’s the use of lifting weights at the gym or stretching in yoga if you spend the rest of your day too weak to lift up your new life partner and go eye to eye with it. Who is the controlling partner here and are you in an abusive relationship with your phone?
Join Looking Up-The Movement on face book and let’s create a world where we are phone fit, happy, healthy and at peace with technology!