If you are spending a lot of time texting and feel that you are always running out of time…try multi-tasking! This is a video clip of one way to multitask while texting. Enjoy high levels of holistic fitness, look up while texting and become “phone fit” at the same time. Texting while Hula Hooping takes flexibility, strength and a high level of coordination. How fit are you? Does it hurt your neck or mid back to hold your phone up while texting? You might be suffering from poor spinal fitness and need to learn where your Rhomboid muscles are. One way to do this is to hold your head up, shoulder backwards, and practice texting and breathing all at the same time.
Have a busy life? Try to multitask! Combine phone fitness when you are texting, exercise you core spinal muscles, un pinch your Nervous System, and enjoy looking and feeling healthier!