The Looking Up Movement is dedicated to creating a world in which children and adults choose to live a healthy, peaceful life in a highly technological environment.”

We envision world peace when all become conscious of how to create a healthybreath and nerve flow posture. Our mission is to eliminate a silent disease that is a detriment to the Central Nervous System called “Text or Tech Neck” and is causing pressure on valuable nerves that control our reactions to stress, the function of most of our organs, healthy stress reactions and healthy oxygen levels to the brain.

Pressured nerves from poor posture can manifest as lowered natural immunity, learning disabilities, mental, emotional, digestive, circulatory, respiratory problems, illnesses and the inability to thrive. Less oxygen flow from choosing unhealthy breath postural habits can cause fatigue, memory loss, lack of focus, learning problems and the list from above.
Through the use of entertaining educational videos, photos, presentations, community outreach and guidance on natural health solutions, we will be motivating children and adults to “Look Up” at Life ,to Look Up at technology and to choose full breath posture when using cellphones, computers and portable devices.

Our non for profit foundation closed in 2018 but our mission lives on. We are looking for experts, mentors and talented users of technology to help us educate the public. Please contact us if you have written a great song, danced a dance, wrote a skit or have created jokes about technology. We welcome trainers, doctors, coaches and teachers to send us video clips of the importance of this silent killer of children and adults.

Our desire is to combine education with entertainment. If you know anyone famous who wants to help this world to become more peaceful and healthy please ask them to join us and promote this information about techno abuse and the stress that is causing a major lack of peace and health in our world.

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