The Looking Up Foundation, Inc.
“ We are a Non for profit foundation and public charity that is dedicated to creating a world in which children and adults live healthy, peaceful posture friendly lives in a highly technological environment.”
We envision world peace when all become conscious of how to create a healthy, happy, peaceful nervous system. Our mission is to eliminate a silent disease that is a detriment to the Central Nervous System called “Text/Tech Neck”.
An adult or child does not have to experience pain to be suffering with this disease. Pressured nerves from poor posture can manifest as lowered natural immunity, learning disabilities, mental, emotional, digestive, circulatory, respiratory problems, illnesses and the inability to thrive.
Through the use of entertaining educational videos, photos, presentations, community outreach and guidance on natural health solutions, we will be motivating children and adults to choose to “Look Up” at Life and when using cellphones, computers and portable devices.
How can you get involved & help?
• Write and submit a funny uplifting song
• Relax, Breathe and Dance with your phone
• Send us an entertaining four second -one minute video
• Take photos of poor and healthy postures of your friends and family
• Book the Looking Up Movement at your next school, or corporate meeting
• Sponsor an event , donate prizes, donate money
• Honor and empower your nervous system by looking up at life!
• Join us at Looking Up the Movement’s facebook page and group.